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For all players who play football, joining giants and becoming a star may be their lifelong dream. But for Cheme Martins, his life has faded before it can bloom.

对于所有踢足球的球员来说,加入巨人并成为明星可能是他们终生的梦想。但是对于Cheme Martins来说,他的生活在绽放之前已经衰落了。

Last week, the Nigerian Serie A went on as usual. One of the fields, Nasarawa United vs. Katsina United. There are no giants and no stars, this should have been a bland contest.

上周,尼日利亚甲级联赛照常进行。其中之一是纳萨拉瓦联(Nasarawa United)对卡西纳(Katsina)联。没有巨人,也没有星星,这本来是一场平淡的比赛。

I don't know how many such games are held every day in the world. But because of the unexpected death of a player named Cheme Martins, this unknown league, this humble game, occupied so many minutes of attention in the frenzy of news feeds.

我不知道世界上每天举行多少场此类比赛。但是由于一个名叫Cheme Martins的球员的意外死亡,这个未知的联盟,这场不起眼的比赛在新闻的狂热中占据了如此多的关注时间。

During the game, Martins fell into shock after colliding with an opposing player. Through the online video, we only saw the panicked crowd taking first aid measures around him, and Martins, who didn't realize it.


The ambulance on the sidelines was untimely unable to start because of an engine failure. In the end, a media car took him to the hospital in a coma. Regrettably, due to missing the golden treatment period, Martins' life will always be fixed at the age of 22.


The Sri Lankan people have gone to discuss whether this tragedy is a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, and it is impossible to save the living life. But through Martins' short life, we may be able to restore the outline of an ordinary person who is unwilling to be ordinary for dreams.


In the vast online world, there is very little information about Martins, but it is certain that he was born in Nigeria, an African country that is not rich. In this oil-rich country, players who play in the most popular local league, Nigeria's First Division, have an average annual salary of only more than 6,000 pounds (6,000 pounds is about 50,000 yuan).


At the same time, if you play here, you must always do a good job of psychological construction, because you may often face a series of tests such as wage arrears and violence. During the World Cup in Russia, Nigerian international Mikel's relatives were kidnapped. Such a living environment makes all dreams extravagant and out of reach.


Martins' home is here.


When he was young, he might play barefoot in the mud with his friends, or he might use plastic bags to make Messi’s jerseys and put them on him like the little fan who moved the world a few years ago...


Up to now, it may be difficult for us to go back to why he became involved in football, but from the description of his teammates and coaches, it is not difficult to see this young man's persistence and love for football.


Before the game between Nasarawa and Katsina, Martins was the last person to enter the team's bus. At the time, Martins had a small wish in his heart: after the game, he wanted to rest for a few days.


According to Martins' plan at the time, he only wanted to give himself a two to three-day vacation, and he could reunite with his teammates in the middle of the week to prepare for the next game. On the way to the stadium, his teammates also joked to him: "Why do you like games so much."


But frankly speaking, Martins does not seem to be a talented player. Three seasons ago, he joined Nasarawa United from Ubach. Judging from the data available so far, he has played very few games for the team, and there are few news reports about him on the Internet. .

但坦率地说,马丁斯似乎并不是一个有才华的球员。三个赛季前,他从乌巴赫(Ubach)加入了纳萨拉瓦联(Nasarawa United)。从到目前为止的可用数据来看,他为球队效力的比赛很少,并且在互联网上也没有关于他的新闻报道。 。

In the eyes of his teammates, he was quiet and shy and didn't talk much. As a defender, Martins on the court will not use rough means to defend. To


After the start of the new season, Martins wants to seize every opportunity to prove himself. His performance on the court has gradually been affirmed, and everyone thinks this season will be the best season of his career.


The current coach of the team praised him as "an important part of the team and a great promising player." The former coach of Nasarawa United said that Martins is "a disciplined, dedicated and trustworthy player." young people."


If the accident does not happen, Martins's career may usher in a turning point in the future. His self-discipline and hard work may win the favor of foreign clubs. He is very likely to play in a league with better treatment and better environment; he may also go to Europe to break through, maybe he can become the next Sacramento. Rah...

如果事故没有发生,马丁斯的职业生涯将迎来一个转折点。他的自律和勤奋可能会赢得外国俱乐部的青睐。他很有可能在联盟中得到更好的待遇和更好的环境。他也许还会去欧亚博体彩APP洲突破,也许他会成为下一个萨克拉曼多。 ah ...

But life is impermanent, Martins "falls down like a tree", all his football-related dreams crashed at this moment.


After experiencing unprepared bad news, many people will rethink the meaning of life. The German philosopher Heidegger put forward the concept of "life toward death": the process of human life is indeed constantly moving toward death. We have no way to choose the end of life, but we can choose how to complete this long or short. journey of. To


Mu Xin once said: "Fortunately, life is meaningless, so that we can allow each to give meaning. If life is meaningful, but this meaning does not suit my interests, then it will be embarrassing."


It seems that although Martins' life is short, his life with football is not alone. Although he fell on the road to chasing his dreams, being able to accompany his own interests when he leaves may be the only point of comfort in the misfortune of life.


For everyone, life is accidental and death is inevitable. All encounters will eventually leave, but the way of saying goodbye is different. Facing the unknown tomorrow, I hope that we can all live the same as Martins before his death, and be a person who has lived hard for our dreams.


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