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With the opening game with Royal Blue, Bayern Munich is also about to begin its impact on the 2020 six crowns, the 9 consecutive league championships in the 2021 season, and even the possibility of winning the Champions League in the 2021 season. However, even if Sane is ushered in, it is hoped that Jule will return. However, Thiago’s transfer and Alaba’s stalemate renewal, along with the departure of the three major foreign players last season, seemingly signed many young players, Bayern in the new season seems to have not yet encountered injuries. Before the invasion, a lot of hidden dangers have been laid in the personnel reserve and the rotation of players for high-density events in the new season. Strike: With Zilkeze’s magical performance last season and Gnabry can also play as a center forward, Bayern's pressure has shifted from the striker to the shortage of wing caused by the departure of Kubird and Sabre. As for the quarantine time required by Koeman, it seems that Bayern, which has only two wingers before October, may have prepared an emergency plan to mention Davis. Although this is an opportunity for Lucas, Fang, who has grown rapidly at the left back and has become increasingly irreplaceable, returns to the winger. Can he adapt quickly? Midfielder: Even if "Kika" is still a certain distance from the world-class midfielder, through the training and running-in last season, at least the two have formed a considerable understanding and growth. But once these two are aside, the midfielder's bench may "downshift too much." Bayern can choose to give up Ronaldo's belief and train Tolisso. But, can Qusans and Fein really have the ability to take the bench? It's not that they don't trust the two, just because not all young players are Davis or Harland. This kind of eagerness to "pull the seedlings and encourage" is not suitable for young players (recalling Rhodes in 2014 and Rudy in 2017, although they did not hope to be the main force, they still need to be in their own strength In the case of promotion, joining giants does not seem to be a good option)? back-court: If last season's defense was intertwined with "happy troubles and unexpected surprises", this season until the start of the league, they are still worrying about the problem of Alaba Lucas. When the high hopes of Kwasi seemed to not be able to make his debut until late October, and the wingback's substitute problem was delayed. In the 2020 game, Ateng will continue to play a pivotal role in the defense. In the 2020 season, when Flick rarely rotates due to the shortage of defenders, it seems that when there are no signings in the 2021 season and only the second team can replace him, perhaps he still has to be cautious about the rotation. Conclusion: Although the results of the triple crown have earned Bayern a great deal of income, don’t forget that Lucas last year’s three-year installment method and Sane, who bought this summer, have already allowed Bayern to spend at least in 2020. The amount of more than half a billion. For many Bundesliga teams that have limited ability to attract money at the commercial level and rely heavily on ticket income, only the pharmaceutical company has gained a lot of income through the sale of a large number of players this summer, and even Bayern almost has to pay. Tighten your belt. However, at the moment when "Twenty Thousand" and Neuer are still at their peak and the whole team is on the rise, shouldn't Bayern put such great pressure on Frick to make him fall into a "no cooking" situation? Even though every laurel competition requires strength and overall cooperation to achieve, in the current probability that only investment can return, it is not impossible to be bolder at the expenditure level! Message: The official announcement of Thiago joining the Red Army is not far away. However, as Lao Ren who has played in Munich for 7 years, he lost the German Super Cup in 2013 because he assumed a single midfielder at the beginning of joining, and regretted that he was close to the sixth crown (there is no malice against the pot, after all, the choice of position and tactics The setting of is more the decision of the coach), I don’t know if I can leave after this year's consummation (although it is unlikely, but as a benevolent and selfish point of view, I really hope that the pot can finish the German Super Cup with Five crown left)!

随着皇家蓝的首场比赛,拜仁慕尼黑也将开始对2020年的六冠王,2021赛季连续9次夺冠,甚至在2021赛季赢得冠军联赛的影响。 但是,即使迎来了Sane,也希望Jule能够回来。然而,蒂亚戈的转会和阿拉巴的僵局续约,加上上赛季三大外国球员的离职,似乎签下了许多年轻球员,拜仁在新赛季似乎还没有受伤。在入侵之前,新赛季的高密度赛事在人员储备和球员轮换上已经埋下了很多隐患。 罢工: 凭借上赛季齐尔凯兹的神奇表现,格纳布里也可以扮演中锋的角色,拜仁的压力已经从前锋转移到了因库伯和萨伯离任而造成的边路短缺。至于科曼所要求的检疫时间,看来拜仁在10月之前只有两名边锋,可能已经制定了一项应急计划来提起戴维斯。 尽管这对卢卡斯来说是一个机会,但在左后卫迅速成长且日趋不可替代的方舟子将重返边锋。他能很快适应吗? 中场: 即使“奇卡”与世界一流的中场球员之间仍有一定距离,通过上赛季的训练和磨合,至少两者之间已经形成了相当的了解和成长。 但是一旦将这两个因素放在一边,中场球员的替补席可能会“降档太多”。拜仁可以选择放弃罗纳尔多的信仰并训练托里索。但是,Qusans和Fein真的有能力坐替补席吗? 并不是说他们不信任这两者,只是因为并非所有年轻球员都是戴维斯或哈兰德。这种渴望“拉苗并鼓励”的渴望并不适合年轻球员(回忆起2014年的罗德斯和2017年的鲁迪,尽管他们不希望成为主力军,但他们仍然需要保持自己的力量。在晋升的情况下,加入巨人似乎不是一个很好的选择)? 后场: 如果上个赛季的防守与“快乐的麻烦和意想不到的惊喜”交织在一起,那么直到赛季开始之前,他们仍然担心阿拉巴·卢卡斯的问题。 直到十月下旬,夸西才寄予厚望,而后卫的替补问题才被推迟。在2020年的比赛中,阿滕将继续在防守中扮演关键角色。 在2020赛季,弗里克由于缺少后卫而很少轮换阵容,似乎在2021赛季没有签约的情况下,只有第二支球队可以代替他,也许他仍然必须对轮换保持谨慎。 结论: 尽管三冠王的成绩为拜仁赢得了可观的收入,但不要忘了卢卡斯去年的三年分期付款方式和今年夏天购买的Sane已经允许拜仁至少在2020年支出。超过十亿。对于许多在商业水平上吸引资金并严重依赖门票收入的德甲球队来说,只有制药公司在今年夏天通过出售大量球员获得了很多收入,甚至拜仁几乎都必须工资。系紧你的皮带。 但是,在“两万”和诺伊尔仍处于巅峰状态并且整个团队都处于上升状亚博体彩APP态的那一刻,拜仁不应该对弗里克施加如此巨大的压力,以使他陷入“不做饭”的境地吗?即使每个月桂树比赛都需要力量和全面合作来实现,但在目前只有投资可以回报的可能性下,在支出水平上大胆并非不可能! 信息: 蒂亚戈加入红军的正式宣布并不遥远。但是,作为在慕尼黑效力7年的老仁,他在2013年失去了德国超级杯,是因为他在加盟之初就假设只有一名中场球员,并且对自己已经接近第六冠感到遗憾(对他没有恶意)底池毕竟是位置和战术的选择。设置更多是由教练决定的),我不知道在今年的比赛结束后我是否可以离开(虽然可能性不大,但是这是一个仁慈而自私的观点)看来,我真的希望这个锅能在剩下的五冠之内完成德国超级杯!

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