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Original title: Neymar broke the record and was encouraged by the champion, Paris doubles in a week, the two cores can continue


At the end of the national team competition, the international players will return to the club, and the five major leagues will start on the weekend. The French Ligue 1’s Paris player Khanim, because he lost to the middle and lower teams in a row at the beginning of the season, the international players in this round may be exhausted. Unable to play, the game is also unstable. For the team, the highlight will be the first round of the UEFA Champions League next week at home against Manchester United. The good news is that Neymar has an excellent surface during the national team game. This high efficiency can also be continued in the league and the Champions League.

在国家队比赛结束时,国际球员将返回俱乐部,并且五个主要联赛将在周末开始。法国Ligue 1的巴黎球员Khanim,因为他在本赛季初连续输给中低档球队,所以这一轮的国际球员可能精疲力竭。无法播放,游戏也不稳定。对于球队来说,最重要的是下周对阵曼联的欧洲冠军联赛首轮比赛。好消息是内马尔在国家队比赛中表现出色。这种高效率也可以在联赛和冠军联赛中继续保持。

In the second round of the 2022 World Cup South American qualifiers that just ended, Brazil reversed Peru 4-2 away and the Samba Army won two consecutive qualifiers. Neymar completed a hat-trick in this game. After the game, he scored 64 goals in the national team. He successfully surpassed Ronaldo in the number of goals and ranked second in the Brazilian national team's scorer list, second only to Pele scored 77 goals. After the game, Neymar also paid tribute to his predecessor Ronaldo on the social software. Such a moment is also sigh.


Ronaldinho also congratulated Neymar's national team for scoring and surpassing himself after the game, and said to Neymar that there are still many records to break. This is also the heritage of the world's top players. It also means that Neymar has more goals after the start of the international competition. Naturally, his greatest wish is to lead the Brazilian team to the World Cup, just like Ronaldo in 2002 that attracted global attention.


In the two rounds of the World Preliminaries, Brazil won by a big margin. It was just a big score against Peru when the goal was first conceded. This game is more meaningful. The instability of the Brazilian defense in the first half allowed the opponent to grab the start. In the 5th minute of the opening, Carrillo's volley helped Peru to open the scoring. After that, Firmino missed the opportunity to face the goalkeeper's single-handed opportunity and kicked the goal. The goalkeeper saves. At the critical moment, Neymar made a point and personally took the penalty to equalize the score for the Brazilian team.


After this goal, Neymar’s national team has scored 62 goals, tying Ronaldo’s scoring record. Neymar’s celebration after scoring is also a tribute to Ronaldo, which is indeed worthwhile. A moment of meaning. In the second half, Brazil hoped to expand the score, but the opponent Tapia scored a long-range goal. The Samba team lost two goals in the opening phase of the first half. It does show that the team has more loopholes in the defense and the coach needs to abandon this deficiency.


Offensive teams have always had the domineering goal of scoring one more goal than their opponents, and Brazil is such a team. Not long after the goal was conceded, Richard Lison received a pass from his opponent and shot in front of the goal, helping Brazil to tie the score again. Subsequently, Neymar made a penalty kick and scored the overtake score again. The threat of the king of the ball was also very obvious. The opponent lost points on Neymar twice was also very helpless.

进攻性球队始终拥有比对手多进球的霸气目标,而巴西就是这样的一支球队。进球后不久,理查德·利森(Richard Lison)从对手处传球,射门得分,帮助巴西再次将比分扳平。随后,内马尔踢出点球,再次得分超车得分。球王的威胁也非常明显。对手两次在内马尔失分也很无奈。

In fact, Peru has always been a difficult opponent, but there are a lot of problems in this game. In addition to restricting Neymar's failure, the mentality of the players from leading to falling behind is also very poor, which also caused the team to not enter again Chance for the ball. Since then, Peruvian bench player Caserda and player Zambrano received red cards one after another, and Neymar made an empty goal in stoppage time to seal the victory for the team.


Neymar's performance in this game is extremely critical, and he is also a member of the opponent's defense that cannot be restricted. However, it is easy to encounter strict defenses when he always breaks through. He can create penalties or be tackled. This is also Neymar's career. A key point that needs to be changed in China, as long as there is no injury, Neymar can accomplish more goals and set more records.




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