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Before the last round of the match against Shenhua, Suning and the other four opponents in this group had already met twice. In the eight league games, they had two home and away wins against Henan Jianye, and against Shandong Luneng, Dalian Ren and Guangzhou R&F. Victory. However, in the two rounds with Shenhua, Suning’s record was only 1 draw and 1 loss. Especially in the second round of this Monday, when Shenhua desperately needed points to enter the top half of the standings, Suning did not receive any results after the strong attack. 0 to 0 scored a goalless draw, and failed to secure the place in the championship group ahead of time, and the previous "rule of at least 3 points" also became invalid.

在对阵申花的最后一轮比赛之前,苏宁和该组中的其他四个对手已经见过两次面。在八场联赛中,他们对河南建业,山东鲁能,大连人和广州富力队分别取得了两次客场胜利。胜利。然而,在与申花的两轮比赛中,苏宁的战绩仅为1平1负。特别是在本周一的第二轮比赛中,当申花迫切需要积分进入积分榜的前一半时,苏宁在强势进攻后没有获得任何结果。 0比0取得了无目标的平局,未能提前获得冠军组的位置,先前的“至少3分的规则”也无效。

After the match, coach Olaroiu made it very clear, “In order to advance, we will fight to the last round.” At that time, the Romanians knew very well that the next league match with Evergrande would be very difficult. Losing to their opponents, and both Shenhua and Kaisa will win in the next round of the league, Suning really has to have a direct dialogue with Kaisa in the first stage of the final match to determine whether they can get a place in the championship group. "We talked about the overall tactics before, considering how to use reasonable tactics and player allocation. If we win Shenhua at that time, it will be much simpler and the players have worked hard. Although we deserve to win the game, we did not win. All we need to look forward to is The last two games." Ao Shuai said at the press conference before the game.

比赛结束亚博体彩平台后,教练奥拉鲁尤明确表示:“为了前进,我们将奋战到最后一轮。”那时,罗马尼亚人深知与恒大的下一场联赛将非常艰难。输给对手,申花和凯萨都将在下一轮联赛中获胜,苏宁确实必须在决赛的第一阶段与凯萨直接对话,以确定他们是否可以在冠军组中获得一席之地。 。 “我们之前讨论过整体战术,考虑如何使用合理的战术和球员分配。如果我们当时赢得神华,那将更加简单,球员们会努力工作。尽管我们值得赢得比赛,但我们没有胜利。我们需要期待的是最后两场比赛。”奥帅在赛前的新闻发布会亚博体彩APP上说。

"It is more difficult to talk about preparing for the match now, because the time between the two matches is very short, and the time for preparation and recovery is very short. Now the key is the mentality." Aoshuai said, "We will face the strongest in this group. Opponents, they are the champions of last year, they have a lot of foreign aid, and they have the best coaches. This requires us to concentrate more and have a higher fighting spirit. We need to score points and not make mistakes. This is very important for us. We will take the competition seriously and hope to get the points we need to advance."

“现在很难谈论为比赛做准备,因为两次比赛之间的时间很短,准备和恢复的时间也很短。现在的关键是心态。”奥斯怀说:“我们将面对这一组中最强大的对手。他们是去年的冠军,他们有很多外援,而且他们有最好的教练。这要求我们更加集中精神,并具有更高的战斗精神。 “我们需要得分而不是犯错。这对我们来说非常重要。我们将认真对待比赛,并希望获得我们需要提高的分数。”

  Oshuai said that when he returned to China from abroad, seeing the situation at the time, he felt that the team could advance to the ranks is a great achievement. "I came here and spent 65 days in a closed environment. It is very hard work. The players worked very hard and made a lot of sacrifices. They played high-quality games. It would be a pity if we did not advance. Said that promotion is very important, these players deserve to be promoted to the championship group."

奥亚博体彩平台帅说,当他从国外回到中国时,看到当时的情况,他觉得球队可以晋升是一个巨大的成就。 “我来这里是在一个封闭的环境中度过了65天。这是非常艰苦的工作。球员们非常努力,做出了很多牺牲。他们打了高质量的比赛。如果我们不前进,这是很可惜的。晋升非常重要,这些球员应该晋升为冠军组。”

  Gu Chao recovers

  G UC号recovers

Although the opponent's group number one has been stabilized, Cannavaro, the former "disciple and colleague", still requires the whole team not to underestimate Suning-in the last round of the league, Evergrande, who won the ball, did not perform very well, Cannava After the game, Luo said that the problem he was worried about appeared in the game, that is, the league is coming to an end, and the players are less engaged in the game than before. Previously, the Italians asked the disciples to treat the last few games with the same attitude as before, or even better, without any slack ideas. After Kashuai's beating, no matter which Evergrande players appear in the game tonight, they will have a new mental outlook. This is not good news for Suning.


   The two sides faced each other in the first round. Suning lost 1-2 due to a mistake after taking advantage of numbers for a long time. After the game, the Oscar said he could not comment on the game. After that game, the main goalkeeper Gu Chao took the bench and the teenager Zhang Yan played two league rounds. Since returning to the starting line in the 9th round, Gu Chao, who has cut his hair, has also recovered. In recent games, he has made many key saves. He was also named the best player on the spot in the Kaisa's FA Cup. Looking at the situation, he will still start the game against Evergrande tomorrow night.


In the match between    and Shanghai Shenhua, the Ao Shuai only used one substitute and replaced Luo Jing with Ji Xiang. At the same time, the three foreign forwards all played the whole game. Wakaso, who has repeatedly partnered with Wu Xi's back midfielder, failed to make an appearance in the league for the second time this season. The first time the Ghanaians missed the league was the first round. His physical condition can't meet the requirements of the game. In the first round of the contest between Suning and Evergrande, Wakaso played the entire game and he is expected to make his debut tomorrow night after a round off.


   In other positions, Suning, whose main force is relatively neat, will not change much. The offensive end is expected to adopt a combination of Teixeira Ga Santini, one high and one fast, and Miranda and Li Ang are still partnered in the defense. However, it is worth mentioning that the three players Miranda, Zhou Yun and Hemiti have already carried three yellow cards. If they become yellow again in the game against Evergrande, they will miss the final round of the team. If Suning can't advance after the match with Evergrande, it will be a big loss for the team.

在其他职位上,苏宁的主要力量相对齐整,不会有太大变化。进攻端预计将采用Teixeira Ga Santini的组合,一杆高一杆,米兰达和李昂仍是防守方。但是,值得一提的是,三位选手米兰达,周云和海米蒂已经携带了三张黄牌。如果他们在与恒大的比赛中再次变黄,他们将错过球队的最后一轮比赛。如果苏宁在与恒大的比赛之后不能晋级,那将是车队的一大损失。

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