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亚博体彩平台|CBA引进高阶数据 新赛季每场比赛发布单场数据报告

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With the official start of the 2020-2021 CBA regular season, CBA officials will release a single-game data report after each game to better help everyone understand the game. Above season

随着2020-2021 CBA常规赛季的正式开始,CBA官员将在每场比赛后发布单场比赛数据报告,以更好地帮助所有人了解比赛。上季

The entire data graph is divided into 5 parts, namely


The above is some basic information of the game, such as the date, the team against the match, the score at the end, etc., as well as the number of rounds of the game and the points per 100 rounds of the opponents.


What is a round? The round starts with the possession of the ball by a certain team and ends with the handover of the ball by the team. The best way to evaluate the offensive and defensive quality of a team is based on every round or every hundred rounds of cooperation. The reason is that this can circumvent the influence of speed.


For example, the two teams played a very high score against each other. There are two possibilities just by looking at the result: one is that the offense of both sides is really good, and it is a real battle; the other is that the offense of both sides is more reliable. Many rounds are supported, such as a fast-paced game or overtime. Scoring every hundred rounds can avoid the latter interference information.


When we calculate the points per 100 rounds for both sides based on the number of rounds, we will have two questions if we want to continue to analyze the game. The first question is knowing that the score per 100 rounds is not enough. What should I do if it is high or low? The percentage of games better than the league in the meter chart below can give you an answer. This method also helps to initially understand whether a team wins specifically on offense or defense, and whether they lose on offense or defense. Whether they win or lose, they can better focus on the focus and continue to improve.


In this picture, Zhejiang scored 123 points in only 94 rounds, scoring 130.6 points per 100 rounds, which is better than 96% of the league's games. So if they didn't win, they shouldn't go to their offensive end to find the reason, but should think about why the other end let Liaoning score 134.9 points per 100 possessions, and what are the problems with the defense. The second question is, if you want to know the specific reasons why a certain team's offensive or defensive end is particularly good or bad, the past analysis method may be to directly look at the performance of the players, and now you can conduct the next step of dismantling the team data. , Which is the link of the four elements of the game.

在这张照片中,浙江仅在94轮比赛中获得123分,每100轮得分130.6分,超过联盟联赛的96%。因此,如果他们没有获胜,那么他们就不应该去进攻端寻找原因,而应该考虑为什么另一端让辽宁每100回合得分134.9分,以及防守存在什么问题。第二个问题是,如果您想知道某支球队的进攻或防守端特别好或坏的具体原因,过去的分析方法可能是直接查看球员的表现,现在您可以进行下一步拆卸团队数据的步骤。 ,这是游戏四个元素的链接。

The team can improve the score in 100 rounds by scoring goals in sports games. This data is called effective shooting percentage (eFG%), and the algorithm is that every three-point goal is counted as 1.5 2-point goals to calculate the hit rate.


The team can improve the 100-round score by making more fouls and getting to the free-throw line. This data is called Free Throw Rate (FTr), and the algorithm is the number of free throws/shots.


The team can improve the points per 100 possessions by avoiding mistakes. If a team makes a mistake, they will not even have a chance to shoot, let alone score. This data is called the turnover rate (TOV%), and the algorithm directly calculates the number of turnovers per 100 rounds.


The team can extend the round by grabbing more offensive rebounds. An offensive rebound can ensure that the round is not over and the team has an extra chance to score. This data is called the offensive rebound rate (OREB%), and the algorithm is offensive rebounds/(offensive rebounds of the side + defense rebounds of the opponent). The first two of the four elements represent the "quality" of offense, that is, the ability to grasp opportunities; the latter two represent the "quantity" of offense, that is, the ability to accumulate opportunities. The black background on the two vertical sides of the legend is the absolute value of each of the four elements on the spot.


The first two of the four elements represent the "quality" of offense, that is, the ability to grasp opportunities; the latter two represent the "quantity" of offense, that is, the ability to accumulate opportunities. The black background on the two vertical sides of the legend is the absolute value of each of the four elements on the spot.


Of course, after we see the absolute value, we will still have troubles similar to "100 rounds", that is, it is not clear whether it is high or low. The middle colored part of the legend can be answered by the percentage of games better than the league.

当然,在看到绝对值之后,我们仍然会遇到类似于“ 100发”的麻烦,即不清楚是高还是低。传奇的中间颜色部分可以通过比联盟更好的比赛百分比来回答。

For example, in this game, Liaoning and Zhejiang had excellent shooting efficiency, fouling and turnover control. Zhejiang still has a certain advantage in error control, and rebounds have become the key winner. On the offensive end, Liaoning can convert 37.1% of missed goals into its own offensive rebounds, surpassing 81% of games; Zhejiang's two figures are 21.1% and 14%.


The reason why the two parts of shooting percentage and shooting distribution are combined is explained because it is best to look at it when reading. The two parts are to tell you how many percentages of both sides’ sports battles are from the basket (within 4 feet, about 1.2 meters, which is equivalent to a reasonable collision zone), the middle area (a two-pointer from 4 feet away) and three What are the hit rates outside the line and the three areas.


The advantage of this is that within the three-point line, the most cost-effective and most powerful basket shots are removed separately, and everyone can evaluate the performance of the three areas of both sides in a combination of production and efficiency.


Taking this game as an example, Liaoning’s three-point shooting rate was 37%, and Zhejiang’s three-point shooting rate was 41%. In fact, only 24% of Liaoning's shots come from outside the three-point line, which is only 9% of the league's shots; while Zhejiang has 43% of shots from outside the three-point line, which can exceed 88% of the shots. In other words, Zhejiang's three-point performance is much higher than Liaoning.


The reason why Liaoning is able to achieve an effective field goal percentage is the same as that of Zhejiang Province is because their offensive performance, whether it is the percentage of the basket or the field goal percentage, is much higher than that of Liaoning.


Regarding the interpretation of the team's performance, you can refer to this picture for layer-by-layer analysis:


The last part will select the most comprehensive and efficient individual performance of both parties based on the performance quality value.


This data is also a new high-level data introduced by the CBA, and this season will involve the selection of multiple individual awards.


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